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About us

Some people dream of fulfilment...We make it happen.


• To alleviate poverty by empowering individuals and communities.

• To serve our community by fostering togetherness and excellence in our collective pursuits.

• To develop a multi-phased and multi-faceted initiative in a collective capacity to build women and to empower the community.

• To promote education among the membership, and the sisters in general.

• To actively participate in other women's groups and support common objectives.

• To coordinate charitable relief activities.

• Monitor the media and help dispel misconceptions and stereotypes.

• Issue information circulars and / or articles.

• Speak out against human rights violations

• To promote cross-cultural understanding through educational and multi-cultural resources.


1. To assist women to locate resources
in the community to meet their needs.

2. To provide adequate referrals and advocacy to community and other governmental agencies

3. To provide administrative assistance for letter writing, resume completion, forms/documents completions, etc.

4. To provide financial management services, financial planning, debt resolution, budgeting, financial fitness, etc.

5. To provide training, coaching and resources for women to make powerful contributions as leaders in their communities.

6. To organize lectures and workshops on women  issues.

7. To Provide networking and mentoring program for women

8.  To provide a place for women where they can be real, be heard, promote themselves, and participate in a way that feels right for them.

9. To assist women in finding meaning and purpose in their lives through networking and belonging.



To raise the standard of life for women and their communities through:
- Information Sharing and Awareness.
- Community Support.
- Accessibility.
- Financial Management.

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